Jump with Spacebar to avoid the boxes, move with ← → and free the animals!

It's about a brave young boy that was visiting a natural park in Costa Rica with his family, but they were caught up in an accident when a truck full of cages with animals from illegal trade ran them over. He then decides to pursue them to release the captive animals and bring them to justice! 

The mechanic is a 2D endless runner as the boy runs after the illegal trader’s truck, with bullet hell elements and some extra vertical obstacles.

This game was created by Novus Tau Studios. Members: 

David García
Ricardo Leon
Leonardo Lizano
Andrey Rojas
Kenneth Valenciano

Music: Abstraction http://www.abstractionmusic.com/

Updated 7 days ago
Published 11 days ago
Authorsricardo-cr23, androjas, valencianok, o_Xiovi_o, Leonix99
Made withUnity


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